Friday, August 12, 2011

for her...

My little sister is officially at college.
How in the heck did that happen?
Although I'm not in Boise right now, and I didn't get to see her off, I was a litte emotional yesturday.
It may be because she is rushing, and doesn't have her phone until tuesday, which means I won't be able to check in on how things are going...
It may be because I know know how close she has gotten to my parents, she is the last kid to leave home, which means my parents are now empty nesters.
It may just be because I'm feeling pretty old right about now.
No matter what the reason, I am one proud sister.

She is living the life she wants.
Pursuing her dreams.
She is where she is supposed to be.
She's a big girl now, with goals that will be fufilled.
She is going to do big things. huge things.
I will guarentee you that.

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