Saturday, August 20, 2011

einstein date night...

yep that's right. Einstein date night, with my man.
mozart baby einstein made for a very relaxing, and romantic Friday night with Hudson.

love this boy right before he goes to bed. He gets so excited for bath and bed time.]

After 'buggy' went to bed, I started my little art project.
Earlier in the day we ventured to the thrift store to drop off some bags of clothes. Hudson was asleep so I decided that we could go in to see if I could find anything worth spending a dollar.

I found these beauties.
So ugly right?! The cream part was like a mesh, old canvas type material. Yuck Yuck Yuck.
But I felt like I needed to give them another life, at least try, I mean it was 50% off thrift store day [didn't know there was such thing!] it was the least I could do. hahaha.
Conveniently, Hobby Lobby was located right next door, so to give these sad frames some life, some paint was needed.
 I'll post later with the final project!

ps. we are also getting ready for some college football.
introducing your future [cutest] linebacker.

bring on the season!

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