Monday, August 15, 2011

all growed up...

My boy is all growed up. \
I take 103958230968209862 [literally] pictures & videos a day [mostly for Kalob when he comes home from work-he can see literally every second of our day] haha and yet I still feel like I'm missing SO much of his life.
 I'm feeling so blessed to be his mama! Life could not be any sweeter!
He is seriously all growed up. I feel like my next blog post is going to be him with a backpack and school supplies headed to his first day of pre-school [I would say kindergarten, but it makes me sad to think that he will be gone from me all day long, so pre-school is more reasonable right now.]


SideNote: Nana and Papa [my parents] just bought their flight & tickets for the BSU vs CSU football game.
This will be...
Hudson's first football game!
Hudson's first college football game!
Hudson's first BSU college football game!
seriously. going to be epic.


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