Friday, July 29, 2011


Oh I've been blog slacking, I realize.
This week hasn't even been that busy.
Again, nothing too crazy has happened.
Nothing life changing has happened.
I feel like the days sometimes just run all together...and then I wake up and it's friday.
Where is all the time going?!

Hudson has already passed the 3 month mark.
We've had some serious gag reflux issues the past few weeks, and had to take little man to the doctor.
They did a few tests, gave him some medications, some new formula and tricks for us to try, and they weighed him...
Are we all ready for this.
My "baby" is 3 months, one week old. That's just 13 weeks.

16lb 12oz.

Kalob and I just looked at eachother and laughed, and I think we laughed to hid our utter shock.
 Yep that's my baby boy!
Oh my goodness.
Kalob keeps saying that he will be our retirement plan, you know, because the NFL will be drafting him within just a few years. And I keep telling him, we need to get me my "mommy car"
( NO minivan.ever.) so I can be the "football mom" asap.

I love my life.


  1. i am totally a minivan hater too! i like to think of myself as a sequioa mom or a tahoe BUT my friend got a honda oddessy and i am thinking...maybe...someday..if i HAVE to. it is pretty stinking cool...i am just saying if we HAVE to! :) you are cute girl. i miss you. please call me back someday!!!!


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