Sunday, June 12, 2011

california king bed...

We've had quite the monumental week to say the least. We've been told that Hudson is pretty advanced, I know I know, every mother is going to think that of their child, but really, we are not the only ones that think this, promise. but he has struggled with one area, and probably one of the most important areas, sleeping on his own! It used to make me feel amazing to know that my child just wanted to be with me, spend his awake and sleep time with me, and usually only me. My voice soothes him. My touch calms him down. Knowing that mommy is near is obviously a comfort to him, but at 7 weeks old, it was wearing on me. I'm beyond fully aware of what the experts say, about SIDS, the pros and cons of....having your child sleep in bed with you, trust me, I've gone through it millions of times in my head, but when your newborn child is know the cry,
stabbing at your heart,
painful to hear,
heart breaking,
too intense to handle,
there is only one thing that you want to do, comfort.
Call me a horrible mother, but yes, Hudson has been sleeping in the middle of our California king bed....for the past 3 weeks. Some may think that we took the easy way out. Trust me, nothing is easy about having your newborn sleep with you. Every wiggle, whimper, whine, sneeze or sniffle, I was wide awake. Although Hudson was sleeping 5+ hours at a time since the day we brought him home from the hospital, mommy was not getting 5+ hours...and he was not and would not sleep by himself. until this week. I decided that I had to bite the bullet and eventually I would have to deal with the transition, whether he liked it or not. Can I please just tell you, waiting this long was probably the best thing I've ever done!
Transition= amazing for all parties involved!
Not only was it simple, but Hudson is now up to 6+ hours at a time a night and mommy and daddy have their bed, and sleep patterns back!
along with this transition, baby h decided (actually I really didn't give him choice, knowing that he wouldn't remember me as a "mean mommy") that he LOVES to be swaddled. We have been battling the "swaddle" since the hospital. The nurses were amazed how fast he would fight and kick the tight swaddle off. We had even tried the swaddlers with velco, baby proof right? WRONG! Hudson managed every time, without fail, to kick that off too. Until this week!
We are loving our little man more and more every day.


  1. Co-sleeping reduces the risk of SIDS because the mother's breathing regulates the baby's breathing and when close to mother, the baby doesn't fall into deep enough sleep to stop breathing. Amazing, huh!

  2. I did it with Jack and now with Owen! Although, with Jack my husband, Clay, made me (that sounds so terrible, but I didn't want to so it was forced!) move Jack into his crib around 2 months. With Owen, he sleeps in a pack and play next to me most of the night, but if he fusses or is extra cuddly we just snuggle together. Makes nursing easier and makes me sleep sounder knowing he is in my arms as safe as can be!


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