Sunday, January 2, 2011

belly belts and rock revivals!

I've always been excited to be the cute pregnant girl.
I'm not going to lie, I think I'm doing pretty dang good.
But I don't think I really understood the the part of "growing" and I'm doing plenty of it!
I've had a pretty hard time grasping the concept that my tummy has to grow to make a baby, most of my dresses won't zip up anymore, my face has seen better days, and that it sometimes hurts when my little tyke kicks me...but the one thing that has stayed constant...


rock revivals- how I adore you.

sevens- you have saved me.

silvers- thank you for still fitting and for staying comfortable doing it.
But I certainly couldn't have done it without you...

(this is NOT my tummy!)


The best creation known to man kind. I promise.

My jeans are thankful. I am thankful.

I can be that cute pregnant girl that I've always wanted to be, and that's without feeling large and in charge, or wearing a t-shirt that says- I'm not fat- just pregnant. (they do exist, I will promise that too.)

And to our little baby boy- you are worth it. Every lump and bump. Every time you kick me. Every scrub top I have to go through at work. And every single dress that will no longer zip. (I haven't had to disown any shirts yet, maybe that will be next...) You are worth it- but I AM going to look cute doing it all!

6 months and counting!

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